Being a brother of Phi Iota Alpha means discovering yourself: as a leader in the community, as a succesful student and professional, as a person with a vision and enough drive to make that vision a reality. It also means being a source of strength, wisdom and knowledge, of opportunity and of hope. Discover your potential as a brother of Phi Iota Alpha for yourself, and the Latino community.

Why Phi Iota Alpha?

Phi Iota Alpha develops leaders. In order to develop these leaders there is a support network of brothers on this and other campuses committed to strength, integrity, and friendship.

Phi Iota Alpha considers academics to be the most important reason that students come to Rensselaer. Academics gives us the opportunity to materialize to vision of Phi Iota Alpha.

Phi Iota Alpha is a family of proud and distinguished brothers. Everyone has a voice. The fraternity looks for quality not quantity.

Phi Iota Alpha is about promoting Latino cultures, bring together the Rensselaer community, and xcelling in academics and all endeavors. Phi Iota Alpha is a home away from home.

The challenge of Phi Iota Alpha is not for the weak. It is for those who want leadership. Those who are committed to service. Those who want a place to call home. Those who embody the fraternity's most basic and encompassing ideals of FUERZA, INTEGRIDAD, Y AMISTAD.