Membership Benefits

Be the Leader
Use the skills and talents we help you develope by being a leader in the Rensselaer community. You can find leadership opportunities from the beginning of your membership through your entire college experience.

Build a Network of Opportunities
You’re joining a world-wide brotherhood. No where else on campus can you find a professional network of alumni than through our fraternity’s alumni group. . This network is helpful in securing internships, summer work, and professional careers.

Receive Academic Support
You’ve got to succeed academically in order to be a good fraternity brother. Let the fraternity help you succeed. Older brothers serve as tutors and mentors for new members. No matter what your major, you are welcomed.

Enjoy Social Activities & Sports
Sitting alone in your room doesn’t lead to many lasting memories of college. There are a variety of social activities that Phiota men become involved in. Intramural sports are an important part of the fraternity experience. Whatever your skill, whatever your interest, there is a team for you to participate on. There are social activities for everyone, whether you prefer small groups or large crowds. These activities connect you to your fraternity, the Greek community, and the campus. Don’t make the assumption that social means alcohol, our events center around having fun not getting drunk.

Make Lifelong Friends
Joining a fraternity is about making friends with people who are just like you and share similar values . They like to have fun, are serious about college, and want to succeed.